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Apply for KSOU BA Admission
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Students can apply for KSOU BA admission by downloading application form from the university official website. The university offers admission to its Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme to learners from all over the country.

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) was established in the year 1996.The university award the bachelor’s degree to students for an undergraduate programme in the liberal arts.

The medium of instruction followed is either English or Kannada. Learner need to complete the BA in the minimum duration of three years and the maximum duration is six years.

The learners have to take fresh admission if he/she fails to complete the courses within the maximum duration.The admission notification for various courses are published in the month of June every year.

Official Website : http://karnatakastateopenuniversity.in/

Admission Eligibility : The learners who want to pursue education in the undegraduate programme should be 10+2.

Credit System : The credit system approach is followed by KSOU for all undergraduate courses. Students need to clear 90 credits to complete this bachelor’s degree. One credit is equivalent to 30 hours of  study which comprises of all learning activities.

The credit system approach is followed by university in order to make the students understand that how much academic efforts they need to put in to successfully complete the course. To pursue the BA programme, each student need to select the two Language courses, three Optional courses and ICHRES.

KSOU Assignment  Submission : Students need to submit the solved assignments for the respected courses before the start of term end examinations.

If any student fails to submit the assignment within the stipulated time, then he or she will not be awarded the internal assessment (I.A) marks and they have to rely on the marks which they will attain in term end examinations for clearing the particular course.

No correspondence will be entertained regarding this. The assignment question papers can be downloaded from here: Click Here

Credit System : The credit system details for BA programme are mentioned below:

First Year Credit System
Group ICredits
Language 1Course I4
Language 2Course I4
Group II
Indian Constitution, Human Rights and Environmental Studies – (ICHRES)8
Group III
Optional 1Course I4
Optional 2Course I4
Optional 3Course I4
Second Year Credit System
Group I
Language 1 Course II4
Language 2 Course II4
Group II
Fundamentals of Computer Application(FCA)6
Group III
Optional 1Course II4
Optional 2Course II4
Optional 3Course II4
Third year Credit System
Group III
Optional 1Course III4
Optional 1Course IV4
Optional 1Course V4
Optional 2Course III4
Optional 2Course IV4
Optional 2Course V4
Optional 3Course III4
Optional 3Course IV4
Optional 3Course V4
Total Credits90

BA Language Courses : Below we have mentioned the list of language courses offered by KSOU for BA programme

LanguageFirst Year CoursesSecond Year Courses
Kannada  Modern Kannada Poetry, Drama, Novel, Administrative KannadaOld Kannada Poetry, Drama, Selected Short Stories, Vichara Sahitya
English / HindiPoetry, Prose, Fiction, Language ComponentPoetry, Prose, Drama, Language Component
Urdu Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Grammar Poetry, Prose, Novel and Translation
SanskritPoetry, Prose, Language ComponentDrama, Campu, Non – Detailed Text, Language
TeluguOld Poetry, Prose, History of Telugu Literature, Language ComponentModern Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Language and Culture
TamilPoetry, Prose, Fiction, Language componentPoetry, Prose, Fiction, Language component

Optional BA Courses:

Optional SubjectsFirst YearSecond Year Third Year
KannadaCourse I- History of Kannada LiteratureCourse II- Modern Kannada Texts
  • Course III- Chandas, Old Kannada Texts
  • Course IV- Indian Poetics, Theories of Literary Criticism
  • Course V- Old Kannada Grammar, History of Kannada Language
EnglishCourse I – Poetry, Drama, Fiction and HudsonCourse II – Poetry, Drama, Fiction and Prose, Fiction
  • Course III- Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Fiction and Prose
  • Course IV- Poetry, Drama, Prose and Fiction
  • Course V- Growth of the English Language and Characteristics of Modern English Hudson & Practical Criticism.
HindiCourse I- Poetry, Prose, Novel, EssayCourse II- Poetry, Prose, Drama, Modern Poetry, Ekanki
  • Course III- History of Hindi Literature and History of Hindi Language
  • Course IV- Ras, Chandas, Alankar & Grammar
  • Course V- Ramacharitha Manas Ke ‘Lanka kand’ Aur Madhya Kaleen Hindi Kavya
UrduCourse I- Poetry and ProseCourse II- Poetry and Prose
  • Course III- History of Urdu Language and Literature
  • Course IV- Drama and Fiction,
  • Course V- Literary Criticism, Rhetoric and Prosody
HistoryCourse I- Indian History and Culture from the Earliest Times to 1526 ADCourse II- Indian History and Culture from 1526 to 1964 AD
  • Course III- History and Culture of Karnataka (1336 to 1956)
  • Course IV- History of Modern Asia from 1900 to the Present (East Asia and West Asia)
  • Course V-  History of Modern Europe from 1789 to the Present
EconomicsCourse I- Economic TheoryCourse II- Money, Banking and Public Finance
  • Course III- International Economics
  • Course IV- Indian Economy
  • Course V- Economics of Development
Political ScienceCourse I- Political TheoryCourse II- Modern Governments
  • Course III- Indian Constitution and Government
  • Course IV- Public Administration
  • Course V- International Relations
Public AdministrationCourse I- Principles of Modern GovernmentsCourse II- Introduction to the Principles of Public Administration
  • Course III- Public Financial Administration
  • Course IV- Local Governments of Modern States
  • Course V-  Indian Government and Administration
SociologyCourse I- General SociologyCourse II- Study of Indian Society
  • Course III- Study of Rural and Urban Communities
  • Course IV- Social Disorganization
  • Course V- Sociological Thought
EducationCourse I- Foundations of EducationCourse II- Psychology of Learning and Development
  • Course III- Curriculum, Teaching and Evaluation
  • Course IV- Educational Systems in India
  • Course V- Trends and Challenges in Education
PsychologyCourse I- Basic Psychological ProcessesCourse II- Human Development
  • Course III- Social Psychology
  • Course IV- Psycho Pathology
  • Course V- Psychology Practicals

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