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IGNOU BSC Chemistry Solved Assignments 2019

Ignou BSC Chemistry Solved Assignments
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IGNOU BSC Chemistry Solved Assignments 2019

Students who are looking for IGNOU BSC Chemistry Solved Assignments 2019 (CHE-01, CHE-02, CHE-04, CHE-05, CHE-06, CHE-09, CHE-10) can send an email at or whatsapp at 7428482160. The assignments are available in English medium only. Are you also looking for Ignou BSC Physics Solved Assignments, IGNOU BSC Maths Solved Assignments as well?

The BSC is the programme code of Bachelor of Science discipline. The students have to write solutions of Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) for each IGNOU BSC Chemistry course. The guidelines to write the answers to the assignment question is mentioned in the programme guide or assignment booklet.

IGNOU CHE Solved Assignments 2019 PDF

It should be noted that the IGNOU BSC Chemistry assignment 2019 solution provided here are just for reference to help in making the assignments. So, the students should try to write the assignments in their own words. While asking for solved assignments, please mention the Course Code, Course Name, Student Name, Enrollment Number, Address, etc in an email.

The IGNOU BSC Chemistry assignments 2019 are valid for July 2018 and January 2019 admission cycle. The assignments are valid for December 2019 examination for the students who have registered them in January 2019 session. For the students have taken admission in July 2018, they can submit these assignments to appear in June 2019 examination.

The first page of the solved assignment made by students should look like the format mentioned below:

front page of ignou assignment

IGNOU BSC Chemistry Solved Assignments Submission Last Date

The last date of assignment submission can be checked in the assignment question booklet. The assignment questions can be downloaded from the university official website at The students have to submit the IGNOU BSC Chemistry solved assignments to the Coordinator of their Study Centre as per the schedule.

The assignments provided on the university official website for the year 2018 are valid from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019

The IGNOU BSC Chemistry Solved Assignments for the first, second and third year will be provided to the students in the PDF format. It is easy to download and students can also take print out of it to keep it along with them for future reference. It will also help the students in preparing for the upcoming term end examination.

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IGNOU B.SC Chemistry Solved Assignments 2019

IGNOU CHE-01 Solved Assignment (Atoms and Molecules)Available
IGNOU CHE-02 Solved Assignment (Inorganic Chemistry)Available
IGNOU CHE-04 Solved Assignment (Physical Chemistry)Available
IGNOU CHE-05 Solved Assignment (Organic Chemistry)Available
IGNOU CHE-06 Solved Assignment (Organic Reaction Mechanism)Available
IGNOU CHE-09 Solved Assignment (Biochemistry)Available
IGNOU CHE-10 Solved Assignment (Spectroscopy)Available

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